CSR Actions

CSR Initiatives

As an economic and social stakeholder committed to Morocco at both regional and national levels, TAQA Morocco has implemented a comprehensive policy of citizen-focused action in close collaboration with local NGOs and authorities.

All efforts are being focused on:

Breathing new energy into the fight against cancer

Through its support of the Lalla Salma Foundation for the Fight Against Cancer, TAQA Morocco contributes to scientific research, providing chemotherapy for 15,000 patients from marginalized backgrounds and helping create oncology centers in various cities across the country. The Foundation strives to improve the care provided to patients, to encourage preventative action and to make the fight against cancer a public health priority in Morocco providing hope to those suffering from cancer.

Partner in Emergency Medical Assistance for El Jadida

TAQA Morocco is a project partner in the creation of a service for emergency medical assistance in El Jadida. An emergency medical service (or SAMU, similar to an emergency medical assistance service) adapted to the local environment and meeting international standards, reduces the number of patient deaths before their arrival at the hospital emergency unit. In 2016, operating across the entire province of El Jadida, which has a total population of 635,000 inhabitants, the El Jadida SAMU was able to carry out more than 1,200 emergency call outs for free. It effectively responded to call outs thanks to its network of 5 medical bases located in El Jadida, Sidi Smail, Ouled Frej and Ouled Ghanem. With its well-equipped ambulances, the El Jadida SAMU was able to ensure the continuity of care during patient transport. With a phone line working 24/7, the coordination of first aid is made easier and faster. It has the additional advantage of allowing the service to check the availability of hospital beds to better direct patients towards the best-adapted service.

Implementation of local health projects

TAQA Morocco is partnered with the Cheikh Zaïd Ibn Soltan Hospital to provide free, high-quality healthcare to the most marginalized population most often located in isolated rural areas. “Medical caravans” have been provided by a multidisciplinary, mobile medical unit with the participation of medical and paramedical teams from the Cheikh Zaid Hospital (Doctors, Nurses, and Volunteers). A moving medical center for multidisciplinary diagnostics and perfectly equipped as a state-of-the-art ophthalmological intervention unit, it has carried out more than 500 cataract operations and made than 13,200 diagnoses across 11 cities in Morocco.

Operation: School Supplies

Each year, in collaboration with the School Delegation of El Jadida and regional authorities, TAQA Morocco coordinates a program to distribute manuals and school supplies to marginalized schools. This operation reaches more than 5,000 students and TAQA Morocco employees participate as ambassadors for the company’s citizen-focused policies.

Redevelopment of schools in the Sidi Abed region 

As part of its CSR program, TAQA Morocco has worked hard to refurbish schools in rural areas to provide children with a better learning environment. In 2016, 3 school groups (11 schools) benefited from this program. It involved replacing damaged windows and grills, connecting schools with water and electricity, updating classrooms and renovating the waterproofing and toilet facilities as well as the IT equipment.

Working against youth vulnerability…

TAQA Morocco has joined forces with the Kan Ya Makane association, as part of the Tanouir Program that aims to generalize basic education and fight against school dropout rates in public schools. This program, which involves 4 public schools from rural areas of El Jadida, aims to reach 600 children aged 6 to 16. Through this partnership, TAQA Morocco is contributing to promoting the personal development and education of these students giving them access to multidisciplinary arts and crafts workshops.

Because all children are equal and deserve an opportunity.

TAQA Morocco supports children in difficulty through its partnership with the Bab Rayan association. The Bab Rayan Association has the mission of educating and protecting orphaned, abandoned or mistreated children at its care home in Casablanca. Giving these children the chance to build a future and grow up with dignity, and with respect for family values is the primary motivation of the Association which has, since 2016, been able to look after 39 children aged 4 to 9 schooling them in private establishments.

Contributing to coastal protection and encouraging socially and environmentally responsible behavior.

As part of its citizen-focused work program, TAQA Morocco is supporting the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, participating in the “Clean Beaches” program. This program involves the management, development and conservation of local beaches, as well as education and awareness campaigns to provide information on the preservation of the nation’s beach habitat. TAQA Morocco took charge of the Sidi Bouzid and Sidi Abed beaches by providing equipment and facilities like information panels, lifeguard surveillance points, life-saving equipment, recycling bins, infirmary areas, beach umbrellas and other elements to raise awareness on protecting the environment. In 2011, the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment rewarded the contribution and efforts of TAQA Morocco and the Commune of Moulay Abdellah with a “Blue Flag Beach” for the Sidi Bouzid Beach, signalling clean and safe water.

Environmental Week or sharing good environmental practices

Each year, TAQA Morocco partners up with the Association of Doukkala and the Province of El Jadida as part of “Environmental Awareness Week” to promote environmental awareness among people in the region. The event welcomes researchers, university professors and key socio-economic operators like TAQA Morocco, to present actions and projects undertaken to protect the environment. On its 10th edition, TAQA Morocco presented its policy for the protection and preservation of the coastline.

Promotion of culture through the Jawhara International Festival

As a partner of the Jawhara International Festival, TAQA Morocco has been able to give thousands of people from a range of backgrounds the possibility to attend, for free, a huge variety of artistic events. These have included plays, exhibitions and sporting activities throughout the El Jadida region. In 2016, the festival welcomed 5 million visitors and some 500 artists and musicians.

Preservation of cultural heritage with the Moulay Abdellah Amghar Moussem

TAQA Morocco is a partner in the Moulay Abdellah Amghar Moussem, a significant cultural event that pays tribute to the military successes of El Jadida against the occupying forces. It is has influence both at a regional and national level, so much so that in 2016 it brought together 3000 horse riders and welcomed over 500,000 visitors. Famous for its evening entertainment with traditional orchestras and folk groups putting on shows throughout the event, the Moussem, is also home to many other forms of entertainment and fairground rides. It has become an unmissable event in the cultural calendar of the Doukkala region.

By providing support in these 4 areas TAQA Morocco contributes to improving the living conditions of citizens and children in the most disadvantaged regions: medical caravans, support for children with cancer, support for children with Down syndrome, distribution of school supplies, schools’ rehabilitations, Environmental protection awareness, cultural promotion through festivals...