Message from the Chaiman


«Today, as the leading IPP in Morocco and ONEE’s main supplier, TAQA plays a major role in the national energy sector, and as such, our stock is listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange.

The company is an integral part of the international TAQA Group, a world leader in the production of energy and one of the main foreign investors in the country.

We provide around 38% of current Moroccan electricity production through our Jorf Lasfar Power Station with a total capacity of 2,056 MW.

Our goal is to be a truly responsible operator, by controlling our environmental impact and by placing the environment at the heart of all our operations. Our performance is due to the talent and know-how of those who work with us.

These are committed men and women who, through their skills, their shared corporate culture and strong values, move forward together towards the same objective.

We have seen impressive results, which have also shown the reliability of our power station and the efficiency of our maintenance policy that meets the highest international standards.

We are, however, committed to a genuine Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

A process that aims to strengthen links with our stakeholders, to anticipate regulations, to develop our human capital, to continually improve our environmental performance and to support social development.

We have implemented “CSR initiatives policy”, working closely with local people in vital areas like Health, Education, Culture and the Environment. In an extremely dynamic energy sector that is constantly changing, TAQA Morocco has the goal of growing, and taking its full and proper place in the energy mix both at a national and international level. It is achieving this by using its expertise to benefit from the dynamic growth that the region is experiencing.»