TAQA MOROCCO, the leading Independent Power Producer in Morocco

TAQA Morocco, subsidiary of the TAQA Group, is the first private producer of electricity in Morocco and is listed on the Casablanca Stock exchange.

Through its thermal power station in Jorf Lasfar,TAQA Morocco is the main supplier to ONEE (The National Office for Electricity and Water)

Created in 1997, TAQA Morocco is a major player of the energy sector in Morocco covering more than 50% of the electricity national demand and 30% of the installed capacity.

Counting 480 employees and six production units, TAQA Morocco is the largest independent coal-fired thermal power plant in the MENA region.

The power plant is equipped with high-performance facilities, ensuring an availability ratio of more than 90 %. Optimal output and reliability are ensured with the implementation of a rigorous preventive maintenance program and via an experienced work force.

In order to face the energetics stakes, TAQA Morocco added capacity at its thermal power plant with the development of two new production units (JLEC 5&6) of 700 MW bringing the total capacity of Jorf Lasfar power plant up to 2 056 MW. 
With respective commissioning dates in April and June 2014, Jorf Lasfar Energy Company 5&6 represents the largest international project financing in Morocco in over a decade, raising the equivalent of USD 1.4 billion in multi-currency ( MAD 13 billon). The loans for the expansion marked the first time that Japanese and Korean export credit agencies have participated in a Moroccan financing. 
TAQA Morocco‘s strategy is based on the will and ambition to become an active and efficient operator integrated into the regional energy mix through the production of electricity, at the best price, respecting both safety and the environment.